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Fluff Daddy (As In: Who’s Your)?

The Fluff Daddy was calling, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I picked up. Because with all due respect to my risk tolerance and lust for adventure, the thing I’ve been craving most for the last I-don’t-know-how-long is a giant, butter-soft, cuddly-like-a-bunny bucket to drop my weary bones into. Brother let me tell you, the Fluff Daddy is the chair that fits that bill like it fits my butt – which is perfectly!

fluff daddy

The Fluff Daddy is what the furniture folks call a double chaise, or a loveseat chaise if you’re feeling frisky. And it’s the love in that seat – that extra spot for your special someone – that brings all kinds of new possibilities to the term “Netflix ‘n chill”. Because it’s so luxuriously soft and so comfortingly cozy that you won’t ever want to get out of it again, which means you’re going to have to bring your boo in too when you want to cuddle. And the Fluff Daddy is perfect for that.

And I don’t mean to make too much of this delicate topic, but another beautiful thing about the Fluff Daddy Chair is how easy it is to keep clean. That cozy performance fabric that covers it is impressively stain-resistant, stands up to clean-up well, and in the case of a dreadfully impossible-to-lift stain “situation” that sometimes just “happens”, fortunately the bottom and back cushions are reversible. Flip it and forget about it!

fluff daddy cupholder

If all that isn’t enough to convince you, then consider these additional benefits: this double chaise boasts not one but two! cupholders – one in each armrest.

But wait! There’s more! Call now (or whenever) and we’ll throw in two (already included) USB charging ports!

fluff daddy usb charger

So now, perhaps, you’re starting to see how the Fluff Daddy can be the perfect addition to your fantasy home theatre. You and your boo, all snuggled up watching your favorite show. Or better yet, because it’s such a versatile piece of furniture, imagine it in your living room, as the cozy center everyone gravitates toward for reading, cuddle puddles, watching shows, or whatever else you can dream of.

You might be wondering by now where you can find one of these fine double chaise lounge specimens. Well you can’t have mine if that’s what you were thinking! 🙂 But if you’d like to buy one for yourself, then the best place to start is by visiting the manufacturer’s website to find one of their retailers near you.

I hope you find one! And if you do, be sure to come back and let us know how much you love your Fluff Daddy!

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