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A Fluff Daddy Couch Is Your Reward

The Fluff Daddy Couch is the world’s gift to those of us who were longing to be enveloped in a giant, cozy, fuzzy, luxurious bunny hug. Nope. I’m not embarrassed to admit it: I’ve been out there, busting my hump day in and day out, takin’ what I’m given ’cause I’m workin’ for a livin’, and so on… Yeah, I’ve been out there driving those roads with you maniacs and I’m telling you. By the time I make it home all I wanna do is pop an ice cold beverage into the cupholder and sink into my Fluff Daddy Couch and not move for six eight twelve hours. Honestly, if my boo would allow it, I’d spend the night in it too. I mean, just look at how soft this couch is! Lounging on this fuzz is like having your body swaddled by a hundred labrador puppies, amiright? Oh my goodness, what an adorable Fluff Monster!

flush daddy couch fluff

On the off chance that you’re not already intimately familiar with the myriad boons and soul-soothing luxuries of this perfect marriage of the loveseat babymama and the chaise sugar fluff daddy, this exquisite specimen of peak furniture known as the Fluff Daddy Couch, then let me school you son.

As you can see, the beauty of this couch is that it’s got the width for two, so you can snuggle with boo, plus the front-wise extension, good for lounging at length. At roughly five feet wide by five feet deep, it has, a length-to-girth ratio that is, as they say, to die for.

fluff daddy couch

Another thing I love about the Fluff Daddy Couch is the little conveniences; the cupholders in each armrest, the two USB charging ports so your devices will never die, no matter how many days you’ve been holed up. The only thing this fantastically luxurious couch doesn’t have for situations of extreme hunkering is a bedpan, though I’m sure that some ingenious DIY-er out there can figure that one out pretty handily. Now all you’ve got to do is write “deliver to Fluff Daddy Couch” in your DoorDash special instructions, and you’ve covered everything I think.

Speaking of covered, you can get your Fluff Daddy Couch in one of three covering options (or all three if you’ve got the space!) Fluffy Gray, Fluffy White, and Fuzzy White. And thanks to the surprisingly stain resistant, and easy-to-clean and -maintain performance fabrics that these couches are made of, you don’t have to worry that the light shades of fluff might start looking a bit dingy after all the living you’ll be doing on. And worst case, you spill something you can’t get out, the cushions are all reversible, so you can flip and forget. The first few times at least 😉

3 different fluff daddy couch cover options

So the only question remaining is how to get one for yourself. And since you can’t have mine, you’ll have to buy one from a Franklin Furniture retailer near you, which you can find by visiting their website.

Happy shopping, happy lounging, and remember to come back and let us know how much you’re enjoying your Fluff Daddy Couch!

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