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A Double Chaise Lounge For Any Situation

I love double chaise lounge chairs more than most every other kind of chair. Partly because I have to live up to the “Born2Lounge” tattoo I got on spring break in Daytona Beach back in aught 2, and partly because I’m hard-pressed to find another chair that lends itself so well to the legion of form and style variations as this here beaut’. And since tattoos and hard presses are exactly what the Fluff Daddy is all about, I have no trouble at all gushing about double chaise loungers all night and all day. So kick off your slippies kids, climb on in here, and let’s get after it.

Firstly, before we start parsing lounge lingo all hermeneutically n’ stuff, lay your peepers real quick on this here cornucopia of double chaise lounge diversity, from approximately one end of the (vanilla, square) spectrum to the other (is this double chaise lounge not bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s?):

double chaise lounge examples

Double Chaise Lounger By Definition

Fundamentally, the only thing tying the double chaise lounges pictured above together is the seating space for two. Though I assure you, if you’re wondering where exactly the line should be drawn between a chair and a half and a double chaise lounge, you’re not the only one. We’ve been down the road of classification relativity before, and if I’m recollectin’ correct, it has something to do with whether the light hitting your furniture salesman’s rods and cones after bouncing off a chair’s cushions happens, at the exact moment of his quoted price, to be a particle or a wave….

double chaise lounger doubled again

Shopping for furniture can make a gal feel so small…

But in the end – and I want to say this unambiguously – it just doesn’t matter. For me, from here on my pulpit in the Foist Choich of Fitments and Accouterments, the frisson from the friction of inefficient fits, plus the fact that the world can’t agree on a chair size (much less women’s dress sizes), is as sure a sign as any I can imagine that I’m living in a world real enough that I can love it. Which is to say that the only criteria that really matters when you’re shopping for your double chaise lounge is if the shoe fits. Put yet one more way, and I thank you in advance for your indulging this particularly verbose sermon, the single most important principle in a loosely-regulated system that prioritizes personal fit isn’t the size of the wallet it’s the size of the hiney that holds it.

So! To difinitely determine once and for all if the double chaise lounger is a sit-uation suitable to you and your boo’s booboos, put your everlovin’ tuchases in it and find out. (And then, if it’s too tight, offer to buy it anyway, but tell your salesman you’ll pay no more than 75% of the asking price since it’s obviously only a chair and a half). (And that, folks, is why they pay me the big bucks).

double chaise lounges make you feel like royaltyBut taxonomical hair-splittin’ and social metaphorin’ aside, what I see in all of the examples of double chaise lounges above is that the three criteria – 1. space for two; and 2. forward extension for the legs; and 3. back or side support – leaves a lot of room for wiggle, both literally in the seat space, and figuritively in the configurations. Which means that you can have either a left- or right-side-facing, a front-facing, or even an opposite-facing (like the bananas) double chaise lounge if you want one. And because every room is different, I like how many options this chair affords you. How glorious is it that there’s always at least one form or another of the double chaise lounge to fit a given situation.

Double Chaise Loungers do well as outdoor furniture too

You’ll also find outdoor double chaise lounges do well as pool,  patio, deck, or garden furniture. In short, anywhere we lounge monkeys can be found maxing and relaxing like Billie Dee you’ll find a double chaise bad boy to prop us up, but – and thank goodness for this – only slightly.

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