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Franklin Grand Dove Chaise Lounge Act

The Franklin Grand Dove Chaise Lounge is one of the many cognomens that have popped up around the internet for the inimitable and instantly classic Fluff Daddy Chair aka the Franklin Grand Home Theatre Chaise. But what’s with all the names? Is it all just an act? If, like me, you’re wishing that the real Fluff Daddy would please stand up, then read on my friend, and together we’ll discover the chair behind the mask, and explore the popular fantasies blowing hot air into the Fluff Daddy’s many noms de chair.

franklin grand dove chaise lounge

Who’s Franklin?

First of all, who’s this Franklin feller? Franklin is the manufacturer of the chair, and the particular appellation they gave it is the “Grand Home Theatre Chaise.” I can definitely picture this beautiful monster appointing my home theatre, and grandly, no doubt. Make it two and you’ve got yourself a movie party. That’s four cupholders, my friends!

Is It Grand?

Oh, it’s Grand all right. I don’t think any of us are confused about whether this beautiful chaise lounge is grand or not. I mean, it’s big enough of a chair to fit two at least, maybe three or even four, which has led many to consider it the acme of the cuddle chair. And the scale of it has most surely led to some of the most imaginative appelations this chair has spawned. It practically swallows whole the woman pictured above, inspiring many dreamers to call it a Fluff Monster Chair. And for those of us who know that our family is always with us no matter where we are, this double chaise makes that same fully-grown woman above look no bigger than the child inside us all as she reclines on it, leading the more psychologically-minded to name it the Fluff Daddy. It’s big, it’s soft, and it holds you just so. There’s nothing more grand than that.

But is It A Dove?

The imaginative names we’ve come up, just a few of which I mentioned above, do a service to the scale of the Franklin Grand Dove Chaise Lounge. But I do have to stop here and ask: what exactly is so darn dove-like about this grand chaise lounge? Generally, when I think of a dove I think of the classic biblical white. But now that I’m thinkling about it, white doves are just one of many kinds of doves. There are turtle doves and mourning doves, and dare I say it, even pigeons are doves. Now why no one has thought to call this beautiful chair a Grand Pigeon Chaise Lounge is beyond me…. 🙂

…and will it chaise you?

Now looky here: when it comes to the application of the word “chaise” in reference to this beautiful beast, the curmudgeon in me has to wag my very limber index finger and say “excuse me! young man!” I mean look, I’m a lover not a fighter, and I’ll be the first to say that I can maybe see where someone might think double chaise if they tilt their head a bit and consider the back is actually a side or summat. And when you gaze upon the spaciousness and let your mind drift a bit, chaise lounge isn’t an unreasonable place to land. But is the Franklin Grand Dove Chaise Lounge, in actual fact, a chaise lounge? It is. It’s what they call a double chaise lounge.

A double chaise is a piece of furniture designed for seating two people comfortably. In the world of lounge furniture, a double chaise lounge is often a longer reclining chair that accommodates two individuals side by side. It’s an extended version of a chaise lounge, which is a long chair for reclining, typically with a backrest along one side.

Born to lounge

Simply put, double chaises are for leisure and relaxation. If you’re anything like me, and have elevated leisure to an art form, then you understand that a key component of the good life is the deceleration required to reflect upon it. That is, a good portion of my corpus was born to lounge, and this chair seems to me to have been designed and built to support that work perfectly.

The Franklin Grand Dove Chaise Lounge is not a false face

It turns out, after all that, that I’ve got exactly zero beef with this particular handle for the Franklin Grand Home Theatre Chaise (though why an American Furniture company like Franklin tries to fancy up theater with the English “theatre” I will pretend not to understand…). You can call it whatever you want as long as people know what you’re talking about. And I belkieve there’s something about this particular double chaise lounge that has caught the fancy of a nation and has inspired a flurry of names as we riff collectively on the likenesses this furniture brings to our shared mind. The interent resounds with the echoes of our dreams, and some of them go viral. The Fluff Daddy Chair is one of those dreams, and this fluff daddy happens to think it’s a real beaut’.

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