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The Fluff Monster Sofa Is Coming For You!

The Fluff Monster Sofa is no different from the Fluff Daddy Chair, it’s just been christened by people with dreams that hew a bit more toward mythical beasts than the loving paterfamilias. But that doesn’t change the fact that this gorgeous beast of a sofa is built to bring you all the comforts of a luxuriously fuzzy two-person butt-swaddle with the added convenience of two cupholders and double USB chargers to boot.

fluff monster sofa

Now, to be clear, we say two-person but that’s not a rule. Maybe the difference between this beautiful St Bernard of a puppy and the Fluff Monster Chair is really only a matter of perspective. And maybe the Fluff Monster Sofa is just the right sized throne for just you your enormous ego :). But however which spread-eagle way you decide to fill it, this cozy-yet-spacious, enveloping-yet-supportive, luxurious-yet-surprisingly-practical Fluffy Monster Sofa brings you the possibility of hours of enjoyment watching your favorite series, snuggling with your cuddle-bunny, curling up with a cozy book, or just nabbing a quick nap when you can.

But lest you think my affection for the Fluff Monster Sofa is purely tongue-in-cheek, let me assure you that I do sincerely feel that this sofa is very truly an an answer to the anxieties of our uncertain times. After a long day out in the wilds, there’s nothing like returning to the bosom of home and the joys of family. And because that bosom happens to be almost five feet wide and covered in the softest fuzz I’ve ever felt, that means you can share a soft spot with those you love.

The Fluff Monster Sofa is hybrid of a hybrid of a loveseat and a chaise after all, and combines the best qualities of each: the love of the loveseat and the lounge of the chaise. So if a snuggly furry sofa that marries love and lounge doesn’t sound like good medicine for jangly nerves, sister I don’t know what does.

fluff monster sofa cushions

In the same way, as an antidote for the worries many of us have about scarcity these days, the Fluff Monster sofa is a horn of plenty. So if you were wondering if there are enough of those fluffy fuzzy cuddly pillows to share, worry no more. On top of the giant bottom cushion, and in addition to the large back cushion, there are three more matching throw pillows. So no need to fight for pillows (unless there’s a pillow fight). Neither is there reason to fight over cupholders (there are two), or USB chargers (also two). The only conflict that the Fluff Monster Sofa can’t solve is the question of who has to open the door for DoorDash. But I like to solve that one like this: order two pizzas, then divvy up the labor even steven.

So if your only question is “where do I get me one?” I can relate. And answer isn’t complicated. All you have to do is visit the manufacturer’s website and search for a Fluff Monster Sofa retailer near you.

Happy lounging!

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